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We've taken steps to simplify the remote online notarization process and, to further help customers, Notaries on Demand offers video conferencing with customers to aid with any difficulties completing the process. They will do this while ensuring that there is no screen sharing during the identification verification, so your personal information remains private and safe. Please note you will need a valid photo ID to complete the online notary process. Current notary service hours are Monday- Friday 8:30am - 5pm EST. Additional hours coming soon.

Please review all of the steps below before getting started

Sign in, Upload your document & Checkout

Create an account or log in to your existing account to start the process. Upload the document you will be notarizing to your account for our notary to review. Once the document has been approved you may checkout to continue your notarization.

Get Verified

Identity verification is a 2 step secure process. In the first step you will be asked a series of questions based off the information you enter. After accurately answering the questions, the second will ask you to upload your identification (front and back) and take a selfie (say cheese!).

Video chat with Notary

Once you have been verified, one of our online notaries will work with you to schedule a video call. During the video call, the notary will help you with any questions and perform the actual notarization of your document.

Receive your Notarized document

Our notary specialist will upload your completed documents to your dashboard where you can log in and retrieve/print it.