Get started with your remote notarization today!

Awesome service

Our notaries are ready and waiting to provide you with the best and most courteous service possible to ensure that the process of notarizing your documents is as pleasant as possible.

Notary anywhere

With a smartphone or tablet, you can notarize your document no matter where you are in as little as 15 minutes!

Easy upload

Notaries on Demand is designed to make the process of uploading your documents as fast and simple as possible.

Upload your document

Use the secure portal on the Notaries on Demand website to upload your document that for notarization. Please note you will need a valid photo ID to complete the online notary process.

Get Verified

You will be required to use a two-step process in order to verify your identity prior to notarization.

Video chat with Notary

Connect with one of our notaries with a video chat to complete the final steps of the process which will include signing the document.

Sit and enjoy

This entire process can be done comfortably within your own home. Receive the notarized document back through the secure portal at the end of the video chat.